Arborvitae Trees

Arborvitae Elegantissima

Size Available: 6-7ft
Zone: 5-9

Full Sun
Height: 10-15ft
Spread: 4-5ft

  • Narrow, pyramidal evergreen
  • Because of the tight form can be planted closer to structures
  • Yellow tipped foliage turn bronze in the fall
  • Can be used in a hedge if the space in tight


Arborvitae Emerald Green

Size available: 3 gal, 5-6ft
Zone: 4-8

Full sun
Height: 18-20ft
Spread: 3-5ft

  • Narrow, upright evergreen – great for hedging or for a specimen tree
  • Easy to grow
  • Hedging spacing from 3-5ft
  • About a foot of growth once established

Arborvitae Fire Chief

Size Available: 3 gal
Zone 5-8

Full Sun
Height: 3-4ft
Spread: 3-4ft

  • Very slow growing
  • Bright yellow to gold spring color to a deep red autumn color
  • Compact round form that requires little to no maintenance

Arborvitae Green Giant

Size available 3 gal,10 gal 4-5,5-6,6-7,7-8,8-10
Zone 3-8

Full Sun
Height: 30-50ft

  • Pyramidal, upright evergreen – great for hedging, blocking out road noise or pesky neighbor.
  • Fast and easy to grow
  • Hedging spacing 5-8ft
  • Less attractive to deer
  • About 3ft of growth once established

Arborvitae Hetz Midget

Size Available: 2 gal
Zone: 4-8

Full Sun/Part Sun
Height: 3-4ft
Spread: 4-5ft

  • Dense, flattened, globe-shaped evergreen
  • Slow growing evergreen
  • Great for a filler shrub or a low hedge

Arborvitae Mr. Bowling Ball

Size Available: 2 gal
Zone: 4-8

Full Sun
Height: 3-4ft
Spread: 3-4ft

  • Easy to grow plant with little to no maintenance
  • Lacy, rich green foliage has excellent year-round color retention

Arborvitae Nigra

Size Available: 9-10ft
Zone: 3-8

Full Sun/Part Shade
Height 20-30ft
Spread: 6-8ft

  • Fan-like foliage that is deep green
  • This quick upright shrub is perfect for screening

Arborvitae Whipcord

Size Available: 3 gal
Zone: 5-8

Full Sun
Height: 4-5ft
Spread: 4-5ft

  • Mounding shrub with long, slender branches
  • Shimmering shade of olive-yellow-green with winger color or russet-hued bronze foliage