Service agreement

Terms of Sale: Cash, Credit Card, or Check. Boulevard will open credit accounts with Wholesale customers after one year of satisfactory payment history. All accounts will be assessed with a finance charge of 1.5% or 18% per annum on all overdue accounts. All checks returned by the bank for the insufficient fund will be assessed with a $50.00 service charge. If collections are required to enforce the customer’s commitment, the customer will reimburse Boulevard Nurseries Inc. for collection costs including attorney’s fees.

Tagging: All orders being tagged by customers will require a 10% deposit. The deposit will be taken off the invoice for the material. If the order is canceled after tagging has been completed, the customer will forfeit the deposit. Any material left in the holding area after 2 weeks will lose a deposit to a maintenance fee of 10%.

Field Digging: Field-dug plants are subjected to a week’s notice prior to pickup or delivery, depending on the size and quantity of material.

Plant Warranty: We want your landscape to be a success! All retail purchases of trees and shrubs are guaranteed to live for a period of three months from the date of purchase*. All trees, shrubs, and perennials are guaranteed to be true to name and variety and in healthy growing condition at the time of purchase. Hardy (zone 6 or lower) perennials, groundcovers, and clematis are guaranteed until November 24 of the year of purchase. Provided that the plant has received proper care and that you have a valid printed Boulevard Nurseries Inc. receipt, you will receive a one-time replacement credit equal to your purchase price of the material (sales tax not included). Delivery and or installation are not included and will be charged separately. We strongly recommend that if you notice any signs of decline or plant failure contact us immediately so that we may help advise you on the best method of care to save your plant. A warranty is only as good as the degree of care given to a living plant that requires food, water, and a healthy growing environment.

Additional notes and exclusions:

  • Please be willing to present both your Wildwood receipt and the dead plant for replacement. Wildwood will issue you a merchandise credit up to the original value paid for the plant.
  • Boulevard will not return or guarantee any purchases without a Wildwood receipt.  A credit card receipt will not be accepted, only a valid Wildwood receipt showing itemized purchases will be accepted.
  • Clearance items are not guaranteed.
  • Items purchased wholesale or at a discount will not be guaranteed.
  • Boulevard has the right to deny the replacement of any plant that fails to grow or perform to your liking due to neglect, improper handling, or abuse.
  • Boulevard is not responsible for improper planting, transplanting, pruning, watering, fertilizing, herbicide, or pesticide use.
  • Boulevard has the right to deny any credit due to insect, disease, deer, or other animal damage.
  • Boulevard has the right to deny credit for extreme weather conditions.  This includes, but is not limited to, periods of drought or water restrictions, flood, wind, rain, sleet, freezing rain, excessive or fluctuating weather, temperature, environmental extremes, salt damage, and natural disasters.
  • Boulevard has the right to deny credit to damaged or infected plant material that we feel can recover with proper care or for plant material that lacks quantity or quality of flowers.
  • Boulevard does not guarantee plants left above ground or in containers, planters, or window boxes.
  • Boulevard has the right to deny credit due to improper or untimely planting, placement of stock in the landscape, or care provided after the time of purchase.
  • Boulevard does not guarantee marginal (tender) plants, annuals, vegetables, herbs, or tropical plants not guaranteed to overwinter in our hardiness zone (6).
  • Boulevard reserves the right to deny credit for any condition beyond our control after it leaves our garden center. Wildwood also reserves the right to delay the issue of credit until further information is deemed necessary to warrant proper replacement by staff.

Special Orders: We can special order material for you if we do not have what you are looking for. A payment of material will be paid in full prior to ordering. Material that has not been pick-up or delivered within two weeks will result in a weekly maintenance fee of 10% of the order.

Plant Installation: Boulevard Nurseries offers full plant installation. To ensure timely installation time plants will need to be paid in full prior to installing date. Plant install prices are based on plant material, on average labor is about half of the plant material. Any additional work ex: making the bed, mulching, or removal of existing material would be quoted accordingly.

Delivery: In the event of delivery beyond the curb line, Boulevard assumes no liability for any damage to the sidewalk, driveway, or other property. Bulk mulch is delivered in dump trucks to safe, accessible locations only. Accessible locations include driveways and parking lots that are appropriately paved and have no obstructing wires, tree limbs, or overhead structures in the vicinity. Boulevard staff reserves the right to refuse delivery of any material or service to a specific area on the property that our driver or staff feels is unsafe or if the customer’s request extends beyond the means of a normal delivery. Please be aware that if you are having plant material or hard goods being delivered that adequate access is required for the use of a handcart, ball carrier, or dolly.  Boulevard is not responsible for any damage to walkways, patios, gardens, driveways, parking lots, or lawns as a result of transporting material across the property.  If two different types of products are to be delivered, such as bulk mulch, plant material, and or stone there will be two separate deliveries involved with two separate fees.