When is the best time to plant your trees, shrubs and plants?

Spring Planting

Some of the best benefits of spring planting: the early spring is the time of year is when we received of new stock, even if there’s a plant you’ve been having a hard time finding, now is the time for us to look.  By planting before it is warm enough for top growth to occur, you can ensure that this root growth is taking place in the ground, not the branches and leaves. By doing this it also reduces the risk of the tree or shrub going it to transplant shock. You can plant shade trees, shrubs, perennials, and arborvitae during this season

Summer Planting

Is an option we recommend planting arborvitae, container shrubs, perennials, and evergreens. We highly recommend a soaker hose is placed around the plants due to the dry conditions.

Late Summer/Fall Planting

Some of the best benefits of fall planting: cool, rainy days and the warmer soil temps of fall offer free water and optimal root growth. With the tree and shrubs getting ready for its winter nap it pushes more nutrients to the roots not to the leave and out branches. Fall planting also give your new plants an advantage of the most growth for its first full year. You can plant shade trees, shrubs, perennials, and arborvitae during this season

We always recommend that you place a soaker hose around newly planted tree and shrubs in case of a dry spell. The other reason we recommend a soaker hose is that it slowly drips in the ground for the water to reach the roots. New plants should be receiving around a 1” of water per week. Mulching is a good way to help keep moisture in the ground. Also shade tree and taller arborvitaes should be staked for the first growing to help the plants remain straight in high wind, and heavily saturated ground.

Benefits of plants:

Shade Trees: Clean the air of pollutants, Soil erosion, Produce oxygen, Can reduce cooling cost in summer,

Shrubs: Increases property value, Curb appeal, Soil erosion,

Arborvitaes: Natural fence, Blocking a pesky neighbor, Reduces road noise

If you have any questions please contact our main office (401) 846-1263 and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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